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Holy Protection – Laura

27 Nov

Had the most beautiful awareness of being loved and protected during my sleep last night. Was just awesome!! Mother Mary and her son were shielding me with with pure light of love.
They were joining hands above my bed building this bridge of pure light. I was aware of this as I was awakening at times :) Was just … well.. such a bliss really.
I have been on the ill side for the past week, now I am also getting a flue.. accompanied by various online attacks. all of this during my peak exams time.. I am so grateful I received holy prrotection last night during sleep. I woke up feeling much better and the head ache has now gone!! :)

Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean


26 Nov

The greeting from the Light, I am Solama, and you are all wrapped in the purest light, transparent, crystal descends from above.

We thank everyone for being here today, those who have come in your physical level and those who have come with their light body.

We are far more than we see, many of us are today united in this meeting of souls and spirits. Some old travelers who long ago was not seeing from this group.

The energies are collaborating to bring the plan, the mission will be carried out in complete harmony and cooperation, the portal will open and activate the energies that have yet to restore the earth plane, for activating the Sacred Feminine aspect, in each of you and Gaia. Continue reading

Please Share your Dreamflight Experiences Here for Week of 24 Nov to 2d Dec

25 Nov

Please leave your experiences in the comments section if you wish to share with us. I will approve only shares under these types of posts.

You can also email me if you would like me to publish it for you.

Common dreamflights happen every Saturday night, however most of us also go onboard during the week. So if this is your case, please post below.

My own dreamflight was mainly with my twin flame, and our friends and families. Very enlightening to say the least.


Dreamshare from Adam – Remote Viewing of a Star Trek Like Ship and Crew – 23 Nov 2012

24 Nov

Hi Laura !

I would like to share my last night experience :

Yesterday I had an experience in remote viewing state. Before going sleep I fell into a state of calmness and relaxation and starting to proceed first saying the password. Then I immediately turned up onboard the ship. I remember corridors looking like in Star Trek series and the place known to me from previous “excursions”. It was a dim room with a huge half-rounded screen about  3 meters high. I was there being shown some scenes from my previous lives – I suppose. I could operate them with my mind only, stopping or rewinding them forward or back.  I noticed I didn’t remember these events at all. Finally the film self-actively stopped at one scene which turned out to me a little bit horrific. Continue reading

Dreamshare from roew for 24 Nov 2012

24 Nov

Dear Laura I had a strange dream i had on Friday night and I am not sure which week  it belong to! But it was a dream that I was meant to have . I am not sure if this girl was me , so i will it send to you any ways.

My dream: Last night I was talking to Aurora has I place my intent to come on board , but this night I was a little demanding and said I want to remember my dream, instead of my I please remember my dream ! Ok so my husband and I where sleeping on are bed , when my husband got to up to go to the bathroom. All of a sudden a baby jump on my bed then jump off , and my husband came back to the bed and I told him what happen . Well then this baby jump back on the bed , but she was a girl child around 8-10 years ! My husband and I where like what is this and the girl was at the headboard of our bed looking out the window . That is when we realize she was a ghost or at least we thought that ! Continue reading

SaLuSa Speaks of the Mission and of the Akashic Records – Auroradreamflights Update – Channeled by Multidimensional Ocean 23 Nov. 2012

23 Nov

Beloved friends, we have always told you that Earth was a training ground for souls. Now more than ever you come to understand what we mean by that. Keep in mind that all that is being uncovered is for the highest good. All is coming into the obvious sight in these last days before the sacred heart connect with the divine for Mother Earth.


What this mean is that the days ahead will offer even more opportunities for the light to shine on Mother Earth from now on with the new portal opening at these very moments. Continue reading

Welcome to Aurora Dreamflgihts 2.0 and FAQs

23 Nov

Welcome to the Aurora Dreamflights 2.0!

Hi Crew members and all participants of our dreamflights!
Here are some FAQ: Continue reading

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