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Easter Break with Aurora

29 Mar

Hi guys, the only message I have received for this weekend is that we are on Easter break, except for those of us who wish to go anyway, and those people may need to make their own way into Aurora and the Galaxy that she is in for this week.

I am told that it would be a nice exercice for all of us to try to travel by our own means.

Many of us have been shown how to do this during previous dreamflights, so we should be well able to make it to where she is located now.

She is performing relocation duties between Lyra constellation to other home worlds / galaxies this weekend.

I am told that we are welcome to go onboard and witness the shifting of the population, or even help navigate smaller crafts or even having a go at navigating Aurora!!

Sounds like much fun to me! Enjoy ! πŸ™‚

Love and light, Laura

Aside 21 Mar

Aurora will be on Earth’s orbit for 2 full weeks beginning from 20th March 2013. Dreamflight every night during the 2 weeks! Enjoy !! β™₯ . Laura

Short Message from Aurora Crew Member about Magnetic Field and Solar Flares – 21 March 2013

21 Mar

Ok, I was on the ship last night, we looked at Earth’s magnetophere, and I was told that there was a point very rescently when we have no magnetic cover as such. This has affected fauna and flora on the planet, however we should not have any more of this from now on for some time.
I was also told about our Sun’s changes, and that we need a strong magnetic shield in order to put up with the strong solar radiations and flares. Just to be aware of it, and stay inside when we have solar storms. So keep an eye on the space forcast :) and take cover, if we can go deeper, like in caves or inside the Earth, that would be ideal when we have similar magnetic loss with solar storm at the same time.
Hugs and love, Laura

ο»Ώ Let the light guide you – Aurora Update 20 March 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean

20 Mar

AvatarGood evening dear crew. We are Aurora and Adrial coming for a quick update on the coming weekend.

With the changes the equinox promises, it would be good for all of us to come together as one. Think of us as one being, being part of the unity that One is.

We would like you all, among those of you who would like to try, to be with us, to sense us, to visualise us. This will help open your third eye chakra at the same time.

Our voices can be loud sometimes, or more melancholic and discreet.

Think of us as a gentle caressing presence, like a light feather landing on your clothes. Sense your breath as you receive our mental signals, think as us as being part of you. Connect with our mind, and receive our loving thoughts and affection. Continue reading

Dreamflight Shares for week of 15-22 March

15 Mar

522613_10151508103437145_337036446_nHi guys, please post below your experiences during the week if you wish to share, even when you are awake πŸ™‚

Hugs and love, Laura

Have a super dreamflight tonight and for the weekend!!

i am so excited !!! Have fun πŸ™‚

14 Mar

Auroradreamflights will begin 3 times per week
hi guys, just a quick to confirmt that we can participate in the dreamflights Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from tomorrow on.
I am told that there may be instances where Aurora may not be able to participate in our dreamflights, but these would be rare and we will be warned in advance.
I am also told that it is a good think to begin work on the collective consciousness/ unconsciousness through dreams. Continue reading


Asking to have an Extra Dreamflight on Friday Nights?

11 Mar

Hey, this is a question I have for the Aurora participants. I have been wondering if we could ask Aurora to drop by in our orbit on Friday nights as well, as Saturday and Sunday nights.
But I would only ask if other people are actually also interested in having a dreamflight on Fridays as well, so please let me know for sure πŸ™‚
hugs and love to everybody πŸ™‚

I will see your responses till Wed, then I will ask them, and I hope to receive a reply for Thursday night, so we can be ready for Friday.

I have been up many Friday nights already, and it is a great regeneration for me also πŸ™‚

Please feel free to comment in the comments section, all comments must be approved by moderation first, but they will eventually appear πŸ™‚


Aurora Update for Sundat 10th March 2012 – Multidimensional Ocean

10 Mar

Hey guys,

I woke up a few times during the night, not feeling very comfortable. I have been experiencing a lot of negative emotions and fear coming up to my attention during the dreamflight of Saturday night.

Upon awakening, I sensed that this was a lot about this was a process needed now for many of us. This release from negativity and fears is necessary for the entire month of March I was told. So much of us will experience during tonight’s dreamflihgt what still remains hidden in our subconsious, so that we can all see it, which is a healing process for us.

I was also asked to pass on this message to you all:

Not all that gives you pleasure and enjoyment is good for us. We need to recognise now at this stage that we are being “played” by people who know how to use our hidden wants and needs, our subconsious desires. We are encouraged to observe this process within our self, to see how it pulls our strings, whether to buy cigarettes, alcohol, or to indulge in other habits. Continue reading

Aurora Update for Saturday Night by Multidimensional Ocean – 9 March 2013

9 Mar

62159_10151354811619023_1975988439_nHi guys,

Just a quick note to say that for the Saturday night I am told there is a need for many of us to relax, to take it easy, to come back to our bodily tensions and in the now moment in general.


This is also need to remind our readers of the procedure to follow before contacting Aurora and her crew. A certain amount of letting go of the physical shell is required before going up. The same is true for our mental and emotional identifications. When we meditate and relax, we are letting go of the illusion of being a 3d Earth being and come in contact with the higher realms of existence. Meditation helps us sense the bigger picture, the higher energies and come into direct contact with our higher self. Continue reading

Aurora and Adrial Update 2 March 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean

2 Mar

Greetings this is Aurora, Adrial is also with me.
We wish to thank you all for your good will of joining us on-board and for ever trying harder and harder to recall what goes on during your dreamflights with us on board.
We are really pleased to see some of you joining us during the week also. You are able to come by your own means all the way to our quadrant of the universe all by yourself.
We have explained, very early to most of you how to travel across the stars by your own eans, during the dreamflghts. We are so glad to see that you have understood us well and to see your desire to come join us more often than we had anticipated.
We have been very pleased to receive visits from an ever increasing number on our home world, on our own planets. Many of you feel the need now for working with us, even though very few of you consciously recall your actual trip and interactions with us while asleep. Continue reading

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