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28 Jul

treehouses06Hi everybody!

Thank you so much for the welcome of Adrial’s message ! I am very impressed with the interest you all shared! 🙂

Tonight it will be the same message for all, and in fact the same message will be valid for next weekend – 2d to 4th August; as I am away for a week of spiritual work group abroad, so I would not get the chance to post a channel, unless it is given to me Tuesday or Wednesday in case any thing changes by then and there is an update.

There are no messages every week usually, but once you have made contact with them, and even if you don’t remember it, you can still go to them on Aurora, even if there is no message.

For new comers, please make sure to read the welcome note, where precise instructions to the procedure to be followed are, and links to Leslee and Dreamwalkers’s websites, who are also involved in this project. So if I am not here, you can always contact them and the community through the websites in the welcome note.

Laura’s Dreamflght Experience for 27th August:

This is going to sound a little strange, but I am going to post the bones of it anyway 🙂

First I had many dreams, but I cannot recall most of them I am afraid, until Indy (my cat) woke me up demanding her food 🙂

I went back to sleep, and I dreamt that I was abducted in a hotel room by a man who wanted me to marry him. I never felt any fear from him, as it appears that i knew him very well, we even had laughs at the silliness of the situation, and other people came to rescue me and talk him into sense.

Then my current partner, who did not look like my actual real life partner had to take revenge on him, as a joke. In my dream, both men looked alike, both were strong, short men, black hair,  with moustache and a small beard too perhaps.  So my partner in the dream, who was a computer programmer who was taking a break from his work, reprogrammed the matrix so that my abductor would wake up, get ready to go to work, and face a huge huge fall, as he reprogrammed the matrix’ parameters so that his house was on top of a hill, with a huge drop outside his front door.

My abductor, who had a similar job, decided to return the compliment on my partner, and also played the same trick on him, but this time, my partner’s house was reprogrammed to be on top of a huge Avatar like tree, so that when he opened his front door, he too almost fell of the tree for a few thousands of miles…

In the end, my abductor, who happened to be the captain of an american soccer team, as was his wife to be, decided to go ahead and marry his fiancee. They are apparently blood relataed too, she is amazingly looking, captain of a female american soccer team, and his twin flame.

My partner did not go to the wedding, as he did not want to ruin the day, but I did go, and all seemed a thing of the past now…

Please share your own dreamflight below in comments, or email me if you wish me to post your story 🙂

Hugs, Laura


4 Responses to “Please Share Your Dreamflight Experience Here”

  1. Laura July 28, 2013 at 9:20 am #

    Reblogged this on Here and Now.

  2. David July 28, 2013 at 2:29 pm #

    Re: Laura’s Dreamflght Experience for 27th August: Should that be 28th July?
    I believe I met my escort again. He had an Irish accent, his body of wiry build, and I think his name I recall as Fingal. I don’t remember anything else, so have no idea whether I remembered to give him the password! Why do we only remember the trivialities?

  3. james reeder July 28, 2013 at 10:59 pm #

    i have been told that i have been invited to at least 3 dreamflights but my point is if i don’t remember any of the trips whats the the use?

  4. Crystaline Blue. July 29, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

    29 July.

    I am in the street a few blocks from home when I see smoke on looking up the street I see the clock tower is on fire so I run to grab my Camera from home to record it. I run but cannot find my way to the building I live in and become disorientated. I am now in an ally with shops and buildings around when I feel the ground shaking and look up to see the over hang of a building falling and yell to people to get out of the way. As I look to the side I see what looks to be a large earth moving machine clearing away debris and earth, is this causing the movement of the ground. Then I see just in front of me the roof bulge and then disintegrate and run back to where another women is as the roof right along and above us disintegrate’s. It is strange in that it becomes like sand and we are pushed against the wall of a cage. In my hand I have a yellow and a white piece of cloth which we cover our mouths with. When it stopped I look around and see that we are trapped. The women just looks at me then I use my body and push myself backwards against the wire until it gives falling onto the ground. As I pick myself up my friend Mala comes running worried that she had lost me. The women said I wouldn’t talk but she saw my mind working out how to get out of this situation.

    Now we are in a building but the earth moves once more and we are running to get out but cannot find a way out every room leads to windows facing a courtyard when I see children looking downward onto boxes, quickly we make a kind of slide and get everyone out that way. In my mind it is warning and Hornby comes through.

    We have had 2 major Earth quakes in Christchurch and over ten thousand aftershocks. This past week there have been swarms in Seddon with some flowing from the top to the bottom of our two Islands. Whether this dream is part of this I do not know.

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