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No Aurora Message Today

27 Apr

No Aurora Message Today

Hi guys, I have pulled a musscle in my arm/ neck last night or was it because of sitting for hours in a draft doing my essays for 2 days?? no idea.. the thing is that i am not fit to receive a message as i am in agony with pain, and cannot hardly move my arm … not to mention the pain.. did I mention pain? could only sleep with 2 pain killers last night, and slept most of the day today… where did Saturday go? 🙂

Apart from what they have said last weekend to us: Aurora is coming back on orbit for weekends from now on, I have no other news I am sorry to report.

I am off watching some sci fi or comedy show, and checking out my pain killers supply just in case for later on! 🙂

hope they fix me tonight on board 🙂

ps: made up my mind! so long, and thank you for the fish! 🙂

hugs, Laura

Earth Day and Sirius Movie by Multidimensional Ocean

22 Apr

Hi everybody!

Today is Mother Gaia’s anniversary and it also conincides with the release of Sirius, Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Movie. Here is the link (thanks to Waldemir) for the watching the movie :!/deployment_code=86242579mlbyjd

I hope the movie is a success and that people will awaken to the reality of the fact that we are not alone, no matter what main stream media and our governments tell us about ETs. I think it is clear that more and more peopole now know that our governments cannot be trusted because they are sold out to corporation: body, mind and soul. Continue reading

Hy- Brasil Beings and Dreamflight Shares for week of 19 – 26 April

21 Apr

avatar motherHi guys, please post your comments in the comments section or email me if you would like me to post them.

Ok, so as was recommended i did go over the procedure of last year and I went to bed asking to connect with Adrial or Ulrika and I asked them to take me to meet the Hy-Brasil people (as I find them a little impressive, I prefered to be taken to them by people that I already am familiar with like Adrial and Ulrika).

I woke up several times during the night, and my cat Indy was also being very active, wakimg me up in the middle of things demanding to be fed (very forcefully). She is not always comfortable when there are other beings around the house, and refuses to sleep in my bedroom for the past months because of this I suspect.

I recall thinking to myself when awake: oh well.. nothing is happening.. 😦 but just as I was thinking that, i was getting flash images of being on a Hy-Brasil ship and more images flowed in :). So here goes. Continue reading

Aurora joins with Ulrika and Hy-Brasil teams by Multidimensional Ocean- 20 April 2013

20 Apr


558050_10151432189494023_1076441620_nLaura: Hi guys,

I have just received word from Ulrika from Agartha: we are all invited to join her and a few more on Agartha for a guided tour. And I would love to hear if any of you recall your tour tomorrow! I hope some of us do remember. It seems not many of us have much luck in remembering our Aurora dreamflights of late, including myself. Perhaps a reminder of the connection steps from the blog’s welcome note may help us remember? I must admit, I have not had any recollections in weeks.

Ok, so here is Ulrika for us:

Greetings from Agartha, this is Ulrika speaking to you once again. We have been contacted by Aurora and her crew recently and we would like to join in a few of your dreamflights. We are aware of the difficulties many of you have been experiencing recalling your dreams, and this is partly due to the sensitive nature of your missions, but also to the fact that Aurora is not coming in orbit around the Earth in person since the dreamflights have started again. Continue reading

Short Message About Peace and a Song – Multidimensional Ocean

11 Apr

Went to bed being asked to ask people sending calming thoughts concerning war / bombings and imagine a world of peace. So I am doing that now. Can we please envisage a world of peace, without wars. Pretty please.
Woke up with this song in my head then, i thought I’d share here the whole lot. Hugs and love to everybody on the planet no matter the colour, or type, or ideologies. We are all a God Spark 🙂

Good evening this is Adrial speaking – 6th April 2013

6 Apr

549671_10151415642514023_141392784_nWe are glad to be in orbit around your Mother Gaia once again after your Easter break. We look forward once again to receive you onboard during your dreamflights.

Leave all the worries concerning 3D Earth behind for the coming 2 nights and float away to our ship in the stars.

As star beings, many of you like the idea of having a space family. Your heart beats for the time you can enjoy physical space travel and in fact many of the celebrities on your planet are looking forward to making it into space. We too look forward to the times when you will be allowed to freely roam our ships and we to be allowed visits on your ships. This times near for these kind of exchanges and as such we would like you to envisage how such exchanges could be organised, how comfortable would you be with some of our crews, and how relaxed would you be on our ships and scout ships? Continue reading

Busy next 6 weeks, Posts Will Diminish – Laura Multidimensional Ocean

1 Apr

Hey guys, hope u had a wonderful weekend for Easter!!
Just a quick note to let people know that something that became obvious during my last spiritual weekend is that i need to spend more time away from the artificial cyber world. It is just not real!
The other obvious thing is that I need to do more physical work and exercice: human bodies were designed for that: hard physical work. Well.. up to some point of course! 🙂
I will also have to limit my online time due to the imminent 6 weeks continuous exams (one exam per day on average for the next 6 weeks plus assignements and research work)
So I am afraid my messages will have to be short and the posting not so regular till the end of April to mid May.
I am also sorry, but I will no longer be able to answer emails or chats on facebook. So please don’t be offended, as I have to focus my energy on the areas that needs it the most for a few weeks 🙂
Hugs and love

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