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The Arc of Souls.

2 Jun

From Crew member Suzanne โค

Have a Guess about the Baltic Anomaly !

19 May

945144_573931569305956_1728799937_nHi guys, the Ocean X team is heading out today to the 2d (and 1st) Baltic Anomaly. I wonder what are the widlest guesses we can have regarding what it actually is, its origin, its purpose, what happened, who are the builders of it, is it an alien object? a stonehenge like structure, the Millenium Falcon, a portal to Inner Earth, a crashed UFO, the Promethus, etc… have a go in the comments section and lets have the widlest guesses!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Quick Personal Update

6 May

Hi Guys,

as you may know I was thrown to the ground by wind here 2 weeks ago or so. I have been unable to move my right arm for a week, but now i am gaining mobility again thanks to anti inflammatories. However these tablets messed up my stomach and i was seek for 6 extra days with stomach pains due to that.

I have been unable to channel, as i was not myself with all the medication and pain. Under these circumstances, you may know that Aurora does not take anybody onboard. So I have not been up for over 3 weeks now i am afraid.

I hope things will improve soon on my side and that i will be able to channel and go up again ๐Ÿ™‚

Hugs and love, laura

Busy next 6 weeks, Posts Will Diminish โ€“ Laura Multidimensional Ocean

1 Apr

Hey guys, hope u had a wonderful weekend for Easter!!
Just a quick note to let people know that something that became obvious during my last spiritual weekend is that i need to spend more time away from the artificial cyber world. It is just not real!
The other obvious thing is that I need to do more physical work and exercice: human bodies were designed for that: hard physical work. Well.. up to some point of course! ๐Ÿ™‚
I will also have to limit my online time due to the imminent 6 weeks continuous exams (one exam per day on average for the next 6 weeks plus assignements and research work)
So I am afraid my messages will have to be short and the posting not so regular till the end of April to mid May.
I am also sorry, but I will no longer be able to answer emails or chats on facebook. So please don’t be offended, as I have to focus my energy on the areas that needs it the most for a few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚
Hugs and love

11 Feb

Spirit Train Chronicles

20130210-214358.jpgThe dream started in a home or apartment typical of 2013. Two large light-colored couches, light beige carpet, white walls. One of the couches backed to a large window, with cheap white blinds covering the window. Basic coffee table, no wall decorations. I was sitting on the couch with several friends, we were planning what we were going to do that day. Go the market, go for a walk, check out the city.

So we got up to leave and walked through the front door. It opened into a space that was like a city, there were doors to other apartments next to each other, three to an alcove. The architecture was reminiscent of a gothic cathedral but the material was made of a dark black / blue stone. There was beautiful colored stained glass windows and the walls radiated light. It was not dark and oppressive like a cathedralโ€ฆ

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19 Dec

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