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SaLuSa and Higher Self Connection from Now on — Multidimensional Ocean – YouTube

29 Dec

Hey, I know this is not Dreamflights related in a direct way, but I believe it gives a good explanation for the reason why Dreamflights are now stopped 🙂 . Hope it helps 🙂



(please listen to the audio recording if you can for the complete message)

Update on Channeled Messages:

I am receiving more and more information from the Higher Realms, and at a faster and faster speed. I find that speaking and doing recordings allows me to say more than writing information down. People also feel a higher benefit from the voice frequency.

I will of course continue with written work as well, but will still do more audio recordings than before.

As a matter of fact I had agreed to do channeled work only until the 21st Dec. 2012 with SaLuSa and with other Ascended beings. I will still receive messages from above, but only when they contact me themselves, not the other way around.

I was even asked to stop my Aurora dreamflight messages in fact. The reason for that is to encourage people to receive their own guidance directly from Source, and their higher self. It is preferred that we no longer rely on channeled messages and be in a way “spoon fed” by the ascended masters. We can all directly get in contact with Source. Continue reading

Ascension and my 21 Dec 2012 by Multidimensional Ocean

28 Dec

Hi guys,

I am asked by my Higher Self to share a few of my experiences and thoughts with you all. Part of the writing here is coming from me, and part of it comes from my Higher Self. I am asked to no longer make any distinction between these two in my writings in the future.

I first wanted to share with you how my 21st Dec. went. I felt extremely tired for the 21st, 22d and 23d of December. Looking back at those 3 days, I really needed some 4 or 5 hours of extra sleep in comparison with my usual 5 or 6 hours sleep per night, bringing me to some 10 to 11 hours sleep per day, which doubled my sleep routine over those 3 days.

The fatigue seems to be a common pattern for many of us according to some articles and comments that I have read and also according to the survey I have done on my blog.

Ascension Poll Results:

As a matter of interest 4 days after the survey was posted, out of almost 300 people who replied to the survey on Multidimensional Ocean concerning how Ascension went for them, over 29.53 % replied that they have found the experience tiring.

23.83% have said that it was a wonderful, very enlightening experience on a personal level. Continue reading

Ascension / 21st Dec.2012-Laura Multidimensional Ocean – YouTube

27 Dec

Ascension / 21st Dec.2012-Laura Multidimensional Ocean – YouTube.

More Chats and Where to from Now On?

26 Dec

Hi guys,

a few of you want to get chatting some more than we do here.

I am going to have to let you guys take all responsibilities on this matter if you would like to go ahead and set up a group or a forum somewhere else. I am afraid, I would not have the time or energy to take on board such a project myself, and I will not get the chance to participate in that project even as a guest.

I would not have time to set this up, nor to moderate it, nor to advise on any approach, nor to answer questions or to chat any more than what I do already.

So if a few of you are interested in setting up such a group, please make any suggestions in the comments for you to get organized and getting going.  However it will be entirely independent of me or of this blog. Continue reading

Laura – Seen 6 Orange Continuous Lights in the Sky on Christmas at Midnight!

25 Dec

Hi guys, I wonder does anybody know the convention for helicopters flying night time? What color light do they have? My boyfriend called me, just at 00:02 here (GMT time), as we finished our night meditation… We just watched the Abyss one or 2 hours previous to that.
Anyway, there were 6 orange big big constant lights in the sky, passing near enough our home. no noise what so ever..
As we were saying Hello to them, they went off into the distance slowly.. then were very far very fast.. as i said hello a few more times, the last one of them, starting flashing lights at us, orange first, then as we could no longer see it, the light was flashing red. Continue reading

Daniel Firedawnl’s Dreamflight Share – Working on Sattellite 23 Dec 2012

23 Dec

Well, we put on our suits- me and 3 others. The suits were very heavily armored, and with a transparent upside down bucket for a helmet. We teleported outside the ship. It was magnificent to be where we were, around a satellite, not an earth one, but a satellite of similar technological advancement as the ones orbiting earth. The satellite was orbiting a very blue planet, although there were many shades of blue, and an atmosphere that I could see move slowly beneath me. I seemed to just stare at it for a time.

The satellite was drifting off course and slowly into the planet’s atmosphere. That’s what the suits were for. They protected us in case anything happened on the satellite, or if we entered the atmosphere by some misfortune. Continue reading

How Was Your 21st December 2012?

22 Dec

=6787331]Hi guys, just popping over for a few minutes to ask you if you would like to share your experience of the 21st Dec. below in comments?

I personally have been sleeping it off for most of these pas 3 days. Feeling super tired. My dreams have also been interesting… i recall being in contact with my family from all over the world. Feeling their love, even if we are over 2,000 km apart or more.

I have also felt close to my twin flame’s incarnation in spirit, and very much have been settled between our higher selves in the higher realms. I do now understand a lot more about his choices in 3d and mine so far. I feel a huge relief, compassion and understanding for him, like i have truly never fathomed before. Continue reading

19 Dec

Laura – Sharing a message from my Twin Flame – 18 Dec 2012

18 Dec

I am having the same conversations with my Twin flame’s Higher Self while asleep as while awake with his 3d self, here on Earth. Nice confirmation of the whole Aurora dreamflights being genuine! 🙂
He said this morning, just before I woke up, that I must remember, ALWAYS, that his 3d aspect, that i will call Mr. X, is composed of 2 beings. One is Nadir (the

higher self ) and the other is Mr. X (the human aspect). He also explained that this is why there is the inner conflict going on inside of us both all the time.
The human part of us, wishes to get on with its routine, and all 3D stuff, it needs to look after mondaine 3d things: like work, children, friends, maintenance, cleaning and cooking, organizing, nothing is wrong with any of these. Continue reading

Multidimensional Ocean Meditatation Video for 21 Dec 2012 and Kirke’s Message

18 Dec

Kirke: Dear crew
As some of us have missed the closeness when the blog was private, i thought maybe we could do a meditation on the 21st since it is THAT long waited date after all
Everyone would use their own practise of meditation, what suits them best. Or maybe use one of Laura’s videos to help with it
Here is a timetable but that is not a must since we can relocate into a time and space that we want to anyway. Hope to sense you all there! XOXOXO

Laura: made a new video meditation for us 🙂 Hope you enjoy it. Please join us on the day, before and after during the suggested time, even for 1 or 2 minutes if you are in work. You are more than welcome to do the suggested video any time during the day on the 21 also. I usually do my meditations first thing in the morning and before sleep time. Have a wonderful Ascension day. I am getting very excited about this event now 🙂

Continue reading

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