26 Nov

The greeting from the Light, I am Solama, and you are all wrapped in the purest light, transparent, crystal descends from above.

We thank everyone for being here today, those who have come in your physical level and those who have come with their light body.

We are far more than we see, many of us are today united in this meeting of souls and spirits. Some old travelers who long ago was not seeing from this group.

The energies are collaborating to bring the plan, the mission will be carried out in complete harmony and cooperation, the portal will open and activate the energies that have yet to restore the earth plane, for activating the Sacred Feminine aspect, in each of you and Gaia.

The old earth gives way to the New Earth, all that shall be revealed in a new energy, an energy of unity, peace, strength, integrity.

Being integrated our male and female aspects, the essence, the real may manifest in the physical vehicle that carries each of you.

We ask each of you, together with this preparation, performing a purification of its surroundings, of where each of you dwells or inhabits.

You need to clean toxic energies that are there accumulated, these energies come from you and people who regularly circulate there. Have a place to clean them with better quality, more harmony, where you can relax, where you can meditate without interference so.

Interferences occur in their mental planes and also in their emotional levels, this toxic waste is accumulated and often interferes with the connection that you want to have with Source, with the Light.

Mental energies come from negative thoughts, fears, doubts, judgments, fears and emotional energies come from the feelings or negative emotions, which also accumulate in the environment and in your aura.

Remember to connect with your sacred space, with its Spark of Light, there are three divine attributes, the perfect marriage of the bond between you and the aspects of God.

When you are fully aware of that union and the connection between you, everything will flow in perfect harmony, harmony and abundance, are creators, co-creators actually looking like God / Goddess of Light, will be integrated with, will part of it and not have a separate story, is a unified work of Source With Kids, which are each of you.

This story was written to be her main protagonists. This requires that they learn to integrate parts clean and dark, not yet allow them to connect with your essence, your light, where there is light there is darkness possible.

These moments are of great learning, so that the darkness that still resides inside are lit, with the power and strength of love, this union alchemical Father / Mother Divine Son born. You are part of this wonderful story, this love between Father Sky and Mother Earth.

And walk here, each of you spreading your light and wisdom that comes from learning, they have accumulated as the star travelers. In every place where they have been, have accumulated wisdom of major importance, to put into practice in the here and now, the here and now is the magic moment of Creation, in the here and now all the necessary energies converge to think , think and believe that both life you deserve.

Do not transform your own enemy and ally is your accomplice in this experience called life.

As I said, it would be made clear out your environment, there are many ways to do it, but there is something very wise, important as are the scents, the essences when they come from plants are highly curative alquimisantes, healing.

Find a natural essence that is right for you, where you feel support and connection. The sacred plant has given its essence for the use you to spread the Light, that essence will clean your environment, clean your room, clean your items, clean your aura, that you are consistent in your outdoor space, where you dwell or habitats.

It is important that you do and you’re always accompanied with the aroma, flavor and becomes the Holy Spirit enters your body, the Spirit enters your space clean and healthy, and illuminates.

Each plant works especially energy, use the one with which you feel more affinity with that will achieve clean your auric field and the auric field of your space, your home is very important. Can seal the door also with a few drops of the essence that you need.

Dayman is a center etheric energy, Aurora actually has to do with water and transformation. It would be important to also take water consumption awareness doing, so that your body is hydrated and full of energy that comes from that element, which wonderfully captures all the energy of the environment.

Yes, it is possible that Aurora going into a chamber of the inner city, because their bodies hydrated with fluids may recepcionar energies found in this place, to bring it to the surface of the earth with you.

It is of great importance to understand how important it is to open this portal, it is important to understand the commitment they should have, as tools to materialize this plan, this mission. So we ask for your commitment, in response, participation in the same, so you can form a strong group, a group that is highly trained and qualified to perform the mission for the mission to a successful conclusion, not only for yourselves, it is of great importance to all living Gaia, the earth ground, the New Earth, the feminine, the Goddess, LOVE.

Shine his light, communicate this mission to anyone who can accompany them feel, from the purity of his soul. They must have very high energies to come to this meeting and all of you are, so keep working on the Light, the look God / Goddess of light, helps to create, to be, to manifest, are co-creators with God, the wonder of this new land, to come for the good of all of you, for the good of the whole universe.

We are all one, vibrating in tune into the energy of love, which binds everything, who can do everything, that everything reaches.

“That the flag of this mission is love”

“That the flag of this mission is your heart”

Stay together, protect yourself, do not let the negative energies invade or frustrate the realization of this plan.

Light accompanies them, wraps them, blesses them, and infinitely grateful to have been here today.

All light and love for you, for each of you and your surroundings, until the next meeting. SOLAMA

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  1. roew November 26, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

    Thank you Solama and thank you Dolly for sharing this post with your crew dear one ! I truly enjoyed reading . …with love and light ….roew

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