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Dreamshare from Adam – Remote Viewing of a Star Trek Like Ship and Crew – 23 Nov 2012

24 Nov

Hi Laura !

I would like to share my last night experience :

Yesterday I had an experience in remote viewing state. Before going sleep I fell into a state of calmness and relaxation and starting to proceed first saying the password. Then I immediately turned up onboard the ship. I remember corridors looking like in Star Trek series and the place known to me from previous “excursions”. It was a dim room with a huge half-rounded screen about  3 meters high. I was there being shown some scenes from my previous lives – I suppose. I could operate them with my mind only, stopping or rewinding them forward or back.  I noticed I didn’t remember these events at all. Finally the film self-actively stopped at one scene which turned out to me a little bit horrific. Continue reading

Dreamshare from roew for 24 Nov 2012

24 Nov

Dear Laura I had a strange dream i had on Friday night and I am not sure which week  it belong to! But it was a dream that I was meant to have . I am not sure if this girl was me , so i will it send to you any ways.

My dream: Last night I was talking to Aurora has I place my intent to come on board , but this night I was a little demanding and said I want to remember my dream, instead of my I please remember my dream ! Ok so my husband and I where sleeping on are bed , when my husband got to up to go to the bathroom. All of a sudden a baby jump on my bed then jump off , and my husband came back to the bed and I told him what happen . Well then this baby jump back on the bed , but she was a girl child around 8-10 years ! My husband and I where like what is this and the girl was at the headboard of our bed looking out the window . That is when we realize she was a ghost or at least we thought that ! Continue reading

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