Welcome to Aurora Dreamflgihts 2.0 and FAQs

23 Nov

Welcome to the Aurora Dreamflights 2.0!


Hi Crew members and all participants of our dreamflights!
Here are some FAQ:

I am opening Auroradreamflights to the general public again, as I am afraid I cannot deal with the great number of emails concerning Aurora.The private blog is no longer in use, all Aurora dealings will take place here from now on.  The great interest is very encouraging and the Galactics wish to open the blog to all those who wish to take part or read about our experiences again. The blog has been private for a short period of time for specific reasons and this is a new sage, which is one of the outcomes of the new 22-11-2012 portal I believe.

The Aurora crew welcomes everybody to share dreamflights experiences with them as they always have. Therefore, there is no need for anybody to email me and ask if they are part of the permanent crew, as I cannot deal with the current deluge of emails I am afraid.

You will have to look within for your own reply on the matter from now on please. Seek inner guidance and go within.

Aurora is a Jupiter size mothership when in our dimension and in fully expanded size, so I cannot reply all emails from all crews I am sorry to say.

All participants will be briefed on their mission once onboard. We should also receive one channel update per week or every 2 weeks concerning the coming mission of every Saturday night. Many of us, in particular permanent crew members go onboard every night also. So the common dreamflight is on the Saturday night, and parallel mission on the higher planes are also taking place during the week.

Because of the great number of participants in the dreamflights, I can only allow comments of dreamflights shares in the commnents section, nothing else. NO OTHER COMMENT TYPE will be posted under the dreamflight shares, because the aim of the blog is to remain focused on the dreamflights.  No other interaction will take place on this blog, which otherwise would mean having me in a policing job. Which is not my role at this time on Earth.

All comments will be moderated one by one, by myself, in my own time. So you may have to be patient to see your contribution. In addition, those of you who wish to remain anonymous, can email me (Lauratyco@gmail.com)  their dreamflight shares, and I will post them for you in the comments section or as a post.

Everybody is welcome to take part in the dreamflights, even if not crew members. No need to email me for dreamflight experiences permission or anything like that, just set your intent and read links below please.

Participants to our dreamflights need to be aware of the password for the ship: Mocham

There is no time coordination necessary.. since, Aurora time jumps.

I have made a 12 minutes video with FAQs. perhaps it is worth watching, only the first part deals with FAQs.

Also have a look at the latest youtube update:

When you are reading the links below, you will learn how to make contact and what meditation you need to do for the Andromedans. You need to call a person’s name, see guide lines.

A pure white big crystal helps communication and must be held in your non dominant hand in order to balance energies within your body.

You may benefit from listening to Dr. Steven Greer who is training ambassadors from Earth to other planets. It is over 2 hours long, but well worth listening to ! What we do is very similar in a way. I have discovered Disclosure in 2004 and Dr. Greer has made a huge impact on me. I often get messages, which are later on confirmed by Dr. Greer.

It is very important to surround yourself with positive beings and ask for protection to your guides and guardian angels I believe. I use rose quartz pendulum for my channeled messages and connect with my Higher Self before channeling. I ask only to communicate with beings of the God level of consciousness, I ask for protection and I order all negative beings to leave my sphere.

Access password: Mocham

It is very important to read all recommended articles, as the Andromedans are able to tune into your energies and detect you while you are reading. Please read the links below with great care:

Posted on July 1, 2012 by Laura

Adrial and the Aurora are advising us to read the previous posts. This is very important part of the Dreamtime Aurora Experience. While we are reading these, it allows us to connect with the Aurora’s crew, with the Aurora herself and with the Galactics in general.

Once again, if you feel you have not experienced much, please ensure you have read the recommended links:

Recommended links before the flight:

Laura’s Dreamtime Experience of Saturday 23 June

Note from Laura: Leslee Hare is the contact for the Athabatian her email is: oneriver69@gmail.com. I am the contact for the Aurora, and my email address is LauraMaintenant@gmail.com The same rules apply for both ships, so you can substitue Leslee’s name with mine and the Athabantian’s name with Aurora’s in the guidelines below:

Dreamflight Guide lines for the Athabantian 

Athabantian Getting Started

Important Background Information

Previous Message from Adrial and Bashir on the mission

Important Message from Adrial and Bashir – Advice on How to Connect and Mission Briefing – 29 June 2012)

Spirit Train Chronicles (Leslee Hare’s Website)

Dreamwalkerdiaries (Dreamwalker’s website)

Dreamtime Aurora/ Athabantian Comments Page

Note On the Purpose of the Aurora Dreamflights

Thank you, Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

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