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Peace – SaLuSa 1st June 2013

1 Jun

Hi everybody,

I am asked to pass the message that SaLuSa has given me today concerning peace, so please go to the recommended links and find today’s message from SaLuSa in my personal blog.

Tonight dreamflight and over this weekend we are going to concentrate on the peace process that is needed in the Middle East once again.

We will take part, if willing, in several missions: some would be cloaked, some would involved espionage, and to understand more about the political and military unrest. I am asked to ask you to keep an open mind, as what we may find will more than likely surprise us deeply.

There would also be prayers and meditation work for the global peace keeping on Earth.

Have a wonderful time, and God speed! Laura

Dagger’s Suggestion for the Coming Sat (12 Jan) Dreamflight

11 Jan

Aurora Borealis, the colored lights seen in th...

Hi folks!

Daggie had a stroke of genius if someone likes to ask me… I do know that the above crew would love this to take place. Here is what is suggested from Dagger:

“it’s really up to us to stay together and decide what our next adventure will be. I’m sure our friends will play along. why don’t we decide on a mini mission next Saturday (not tomorrow) I mean .. its nature and scope .. a real easy one that our higher selves will allow us to remember it and Aurora & Co will again host it.

let’s put us to the test .. and see what happens.”

I am 100% go for this! So if people would like to suggest a mission for the coming Sat. night, please write the mission you will embark on in the comments section below. In other words, you can write yr dream/ ideal suggestion 🙂 !! Continue reading

Ascension and my 21 Dec 2012 by Multidimensional Ocean

28 Dec

Hi guys,

I am asked by my Higher Self to share a few of my experiences and thoughts with you all. Part of the writing here is coming from me, and part of it comes from my Higher Self. I am asked to no longer make any distinction between these two in my writings in the future.

I first wanted to share with you how my 21st Dec. went. I felt extremely tired for the 21st, 22d and 23d of December. Looking back at those 3 days, I really needed some 4 or 5 hours of extra sleep in comparison with my usual 5 or 6 hours sleep per night, bringing me to some 10 to 11 hours sleep per day, which doubled my sleep routine over those 3 days.

The fatigue seems to be a common pattern for many of us according to some articles and comments that I have read and also according to the survey I have done on my blog.

Ascension Poll Results:

As a matter of interest 4 days after the survey was posted, out of almost 300 people who replied to the survey on Multidimensional Ocean concerning how Ascension went for them, over 29.53 % replied that they have found the experience tiring.

23.83% have said that it was a wonderful, very enlightening experience on a personal level. Continue reading

SaLuSa, Aurora and Adrial: What will take place on the 21st Dec. 2012? – YouTube

15 Dec

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE VIDEO: Captions/ subtitles can be turned on from bottom left hand side of the video’s screen, where I have added the entire transcript of the message. You will then be able to read and listen to the audio at the same time.

SaLuSa, Aurora and Adrial: What will take place on the 21st Dec. 2012? – YouTube.

SaLuSa, Aurora and Adrial: What will take place on the 21st Dec. 2012? Aurora Update by Multidimensional Ocean

14 Dec


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE VIDEO: Captions/ subtitles can be turned on from bottom left hand side of the video’s screen, where I have added the entire transcript of the message. You will then be able to read and listen to the audio at the same time.

Aurora: It has come to our attention that so many of you are concerned about the date of the 21st Dec. 2012. So we would like to speak a little about the events expected to take place. However before we move on to this, Adrial would like to give you some feedback on the mission for last Saturday. After that, SaLuSa will also speak of the mission for this week.


Adrial: Good day dear friends and crew members. We would like to inform you that this week’s mission has been a complete success. Many of you have worked around the clock on the Earth’s pyramids. Others among you were a lot more adventurous and spent every night on various planets of our solar system, learning to cope with various atmospheres. Some of these planets do have a very toxic environment, even for your higher being bodies. Protective suits had to be adapted to suit all your needs. For instance, the “rain” on Titan is extremely toxic. If your higher being bodies are touched by this “rain”, which is very different from rain on Earth, they can seriously damage you.


However all those who volunteered to work under these conditions were perfectly safe and have done a wonderful job. As a result, much attention has been drawn to the planets of your solar system. Never a dull moment in your solar system dear friends. There is a lot that your scientists don’t know and a lot that is not being revealed to the general public. You have contributed in reactivating many of the ancient pyramids left over from previous civilisations, hundreds of thousands of years old or more. Continue reading

Mission Briefing Aurora – Mars Pyramids – 8th -15th December 2012 by Multidimensional Ocean

8 Dec

 Hi guys

Laura dream share for 8h December

We are back!!

I made the return trip on Aurora last night as far as Mars!

I actually had amazing experiences last night. I went back to my home planets (again!! Lol). I was briefed on some of my life on my home planet, then we were onboard, travelling for a short period of time (as usual).

We jumped to Mars, where I was shown some of my life on that amazing planet.

I was shown many many pyramids on Mars. They are taller and have a sharper angle that the ones on Earth.

During my being shown part of my past lives on Mars, I was shown the pyramids there over and over again, lots and lots of them, spread throughout the entire planet. I was shown many of my lives there, on different locations, working with the pyramid technology. Most of them were covered in vegetation partly. Green plants were covering them in an ascending spiral form, leaving large areas uncovered, with the gold shining.

These pyramids were covered in gold like material, some were shinning and gathering solar energy I believe. Other pyramids had a different role.

I was also told that life as we know it now on Earth is illusion, reality has nothing in common with what our governments would have us think and believe.

I was told that in the very near time ahead, we will all know the truth, the reality of extraterrestrial life; we will recall our past lives, including our own lives on other planets with other civilisations.

I was also reminded of a book I have read some 15 years ago, which is called: “Life is real only then when I am” and was told that this is the time that is ahead of us now. I was told that I/we will have full knowledge of what this title means, and what reality is. We will experience our being present in the Now moment, and we will know all that is to know.

Mission Brieffing

During the coming week, we will all take a journey back in time and study our own lives history and experiences on other planets mainly and on ancient civilisations.

There is a strong need to connect with this part of ourselves which was dormant for such a very long time. We need to know who we are, and why we are here at this stage.

The awakening process for the crew and guests will be emphasised from now on, so that we can truly awaken to the purpose of incarnations into the material world. Continue reading

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