Aurora and Adrial Update 2 March 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean

2 Mar

Greetings this is Aurora, Adrial is also with me.
We wish to thank you all for your good will of joining us on-board and for ever trying harder and harder to recall what goes on during your dreamflights with us on board.
We are really pleased to see some of you joining us during the week also. You are able to come by your own means all the way to our quadrant of the universe all by yourself.
We have explained, very early to most of you how to travel across the stars by your own eans, during the dreamflghts. We are so glad to see that you have understood us well and to see your desire to come join us more often than we had anticipated.
We have been very pleased to receive visits from an ever increasing number on our home world, on our own planets. Many of you feel the need now for working with us, even though very few of you consciously recall your actual trip and interactions with us while asleep.
However, you are able to feel the healing taking place each time you come on-board, as well as the beneficial effects from being with us. Many of you are in great need of pure love and understanding. This is the best healing there is: to bath in an ocean of pure love, join and consciousness.
Your powers of creation and of cognition are for ever increasing, and once again this is a direct result of your willingness to work with us directly and without any fear.
Many of you have travelled to their home world during the dreamflights, either with one of our ships, or by your own means of transportation and creation.
The end of duality draws nearer and nearer, although many souls among the Earth consciousness wish to keep the current system going, if only because of the fear of not knowing of the existence of a better system.
Fear, lack of imagination, lack of love, lack of knowledge and information, and readiness to believe the “old system’s tails and indoctrination” are major areas which still remain to be worked upon among your Earth brothers and sisters.
There is no need to say things to them directly or convince them, the information is being passed on at a subconscious level most of the time. However, those among your brothers and sister who are the weakest and hang on with their dear life to the old paradigm will need more time to also come to.
No words can convince many of the Earth souls, and many of them still have serious karmic issues to deal with, and may not be able to ascend on this occasion. This is a matter of personal choice so their wishes, even if not clear to themselves, should be respected of remaining in a three dimensional world.
These people will have to be given more time to adapt to the new Earth reality, in the meantime, we offer the comfort and joy of our togetherness and reunion in the dreamflight experiences.
Slowly, patiently the new world will manifest itself as long as love, care and consciousness expand, there will come a point where the only thing those wishing to hang on to the old paradigm will be able to hand on to is you.
They will come to the realization that you are co-creators and that it is best to focus on love and accept what is, rather than wanting to escape reality by creating more and more separation from source for them.
The changes in the religion taking place now are a result of long hard and painstaking work done by many brave souls. The fact that the change took place rapidly and unexpectedly should give you a good taste of things to come.
Adrial: This coming dreamflight, we would like that some of you focus on those souls still wishing for the 3d world to continue, to appease their fear of the higher dimensions and fear of imminent financial and economic crash.
There are those among you working on a back-up system on all levels from the higher dimensions, down to the level Earth finds herself in at the moment. These people work on a social, economic, financial and political level.
This dreamflight will also offer the possibility for those of you who wish to do so, to take part precisely in the changes planned on those areas for Mother Earth. While in themselves these changes will ultimately be relatively short lived, they constitute an important transition phase for your planet.
The more people will take an interest on those topics in their normal day life and in dreamflght, the quicker the changes will spread upon the planet.
We look forward to meeting you tonight and tomorrow night on-board Aurora and to seeing you during the week in our own solar system.
Blessing, love and joy be upon you.
Much gratitude, Adrial and Aurora
Channel: Multidimensional Ocean
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Important Note from Laura:

Please also share your dreamflights for this weekend or even week below if you like. I think it is good if from now on we post the dreamflight experiences below or just email me if you wish me to make a post with your experience please xoxox

22 Responses to “Aurora and Adrial Update 2 March 2013 – Multidimensional Ocean”

  1. Laura March 2, 2013 at 12:01 pm #

    Reblogged this on Spirit Train Chronicles.

  2. roew March 2, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

    I like to say thank you to Aurora ,Adrial and Laura for this message and for our dream flight. I do hope to remember my dream this time !

  3. Anya March 2, 2013 at 7:06 pm #

    Thank you Aurora, for bringing this in my mind again 🙂 I also that this time I will remember that I was up there.

    • Sofija March 2, 2013 at 8:24 pm #

      Thank you Laura, thank you Aurora ❤ I'm very excited ❤ I hope that I will remember this dream flight …oooh

  4. debbymanynations March 3, 2013 at 8:17 am #

    I asked Adrial if I could fly one of their small ships before I fell asleep she knew I tired I was of the way travel is done on this planet .All of a sudden I was in the parking lot of a large store in a town I recognized,As I stood there I saw 2 different kinds of ships fly over the fence and land in the lots parking spaces .One ship was of an older model and the other a new standard saucer . Adrial got out of the newer one and told me I could use it .I jumped on that invite and got in and started flying it ,just above the street line ,through town and I pulled into a fuel station and Adrial appeared to help me refuel it ,she told me that it only needed fuel once in a great while.It was not the same kind of fuel this plant uses.I was so happy I got a chance to experience that and remember it .;0)

  5. haminakang March 3, 2013 at 10:21 am #

    I am totally lost , i can’t seem to figure out how to sign in into a single flight . I have read all the material that i need to know . But no luck 😦 Have i not reached the level to be on board . Does one have to be super tuned into their level of consciousness . I have tried talking to them telepathically but no luck .

  6. Laura March 3, 2013 at 11:27 am #

    Hi Hamina, there are a few links on how to connect on the top post from the home page of this blog, try those.
    At any rate, one does not get instant results or gratification on these projects i am afraid. it is not like picking up the phone.. there is a lot of jaming and interference from both ends if you follow me?
    one has to be on a fairly advance spiritual/ conscious/ conscious level to be able to receive anything.
    Also, try reading some previous comments from this blog and sprit train chronicle to see the range of experiences we are going through.. it is never straight forward.. all metaphores and dreams.. and most of us don’t remember any thing at all upon awakening.. which is what is needed to keep us sane and going on on this dimension… hope this helps ❤

  7. Yoganidra March 3, 2013 at 1:18 pm #

    I went to sleep last night with the intention of going up on board Aurora and my dreams were filled with people, though I have no sense upon waking what they were related to. I also got up in a slightly agitated state and I’m not sure what that’s about either. However I do have a sense that things outside of my 3D perception of reality are taking place and have the faith and trust that they are all for my highest good.

    I also have the sense that I am going up “on board” multiple times throughout the week and not just on the weekends.

    Do I desire to consciously remember my dreams on waking???


    But as Laura mentioned, it’s a process and there’s lots of interference that we get to work through in creating a strong, clear connection…

    Wishing all wonderful weekend journeys! ♥

  8. roew March 3, 2013 at 4:03 pm #

    Hi everyone , I placed my intention to board the starship Aurora and I felt like I was very busy with a lot of people . I also woke up and and remember the dream , but I made the mistake of not writing it down . I just feel like if my dream was meant for me to remember the dream I would in the morning . I just wanted to say I felt like depress/sad and agitated as well, perhaps this is because of our mission for this weekend …blessing …roew

  9. Adam March 3, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

    Yesterday night I had a few „conversations” with the members of a Light Ship … but not our Aurora ! This time – to my surprise – there were human beings from GLS BLAZE ! They took place in a remote wieving state. First, there was someone of high range who was telling me about that Ship itself and its missions. I can only remember that GLS Blaze takes part in a vast range of Earth missions but not concerned with “a military jobs”. I found that man as someone very noble and dignified. I was not given his name. The second guest was a human being from Adromeda of the name Antron, who was also a part of Blaze Crew and he was on the higer 4D level as I correctly remember. He was telling me of his home planet. It did surprise me very much that there were two twin planets close to each other, circling around themselves at one common orbit around their sun, each of the size a little bit bigger than our Luna. He came from one of this planets, which is inhabited by only ab. 5 mln people. I also got info that their civilization beginnings were as far as 5 mln years in the past. He looked a bit different than we do because he had no hair on his head. The last “conversation” was after I asked my Guide to meet finally some more Galactics “with names and faces”. Then I started to see some outlines of three people at the beginning. Then could also see some details of their faces, they were women – very beautiful ones. Two of them had bigger ,overlapping sides of their heads eyes. But all three had long hair falling over her shoulders in blond and black colors. They were very nice and friendly smiling to me. They also immediately introduced themselves to me. I got to know that these beautiful women were Pleiadians and they even gave me their names but I was so astonished I do not remember. Only one I suppose am able to recall – it was running like “Vanisha” but not for sure. We were making short privet conversation and at one moment they send me THEIR LOVE ! It was wonderful experience to feel unconditional pure Love (out of any sexual contects!) . I was then informed that they express their love amongst them only in this way. This last experience was a kind of confirmation given to me for I had previously doubts in reality of some of my “contacts”. Now, I know they are true, because last year I had the very similar experience while having a kind of silent meeting with Master Lanto, who send me such wonderful pure Love straight to my heart as well.
    So, that was all. I tried to depict my experiences in max details but not too long to bore enyone.

    Love and Light Dear Friends


    • roew March 3, 2013 at 7:38 pm #

      Adam as always I can hardly wait for you to post your dream flight ! It was very interesting to say the least . As I am a Pleiadian I didn’t understand your description of these two lovely girls . It it possible to give us more detail . One more question dear Adam are you remote viewing , because if you are this is so awesome brother . Congratulations on your gift dear one ….L&L ..roew

      • Adam March 3, 2013 at 10:16 pm #

        Hi, I’ve tried to describe them as good as I could using help of translator (not always precise!). I pointed out some details of their heads. I saw long hair and eyes looking like.. hmmm …a bit like of SaLuSa eyes – bigger and narrowing to the sides of the heads. I think it could be the best description. I’d also like to add that only two of them had such eyes and I couldn’t see details of the face of the third woman, only her hair and general shape of her body. All of them were wear uniforms. And only these two girls had given me their names. I remember only one and that the second name was longer.
        Do not hesitate to ask if You have any questions, Dear Sister !

    • Christine Preston March 4, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

      I have just been posting what I have copy pasted below on a section to do with Aurora’s dreamflight on March 2 on the Spirit train chronicles (If I remember correctly where I was!). I am replying because I was surprised to read – just now – that you have received a message about unconditional LOVE and my dream was about that too!

      christine preston
      March 4, 2013 @ 4:35 pm

      There was a dreamflight with Aurora on Sunday 3rd March. On Monday 4th what I could remember of a dream was that I was with some ‘people’ who were preparing me to spend some time with a male person/star being and two children. It’s strange how you can remember that you were going through more experiences but not the actual episodes or details. After focusing more on my feelings and the atmosphere of the dream, while I was still in bed trying to wake up slowly, a lot of ideas started flooding my mind. It seems they were due to the dream. One of these concepts was for instance: that if in the past we have been able to conceive what Love should really be like, it was in a limited way, and a concept that doesn’t match the grandeur of the love our Galactic family of Light is capable of. Those who have had a vague idealism in relation to this have been accustomed to love not being reciprocal (in a general way as well as in relationships) as it could not have been in the materialistic world of duality, and somehow we are starved of that higher unconditionable love. So in my dream there was the sense that we are being given a feel of that love but a bit at a time in increasing amount, otherwisde it would create something like a fuse, or blow our minds.

      christine preston
      March 4, 2013 @ 4:45 pm

      Oh another thing: this morning I noted that I felt as if I had slept a lot longer than I did and I felt well rested and better (I had been tired previously) – I went out for 6 hours with a dog I walk for a friend and was not tired afterwards, like full of beans. I do wonder whether I was able to receive some healing or one of those healing chambers. I don’t remember whether I had time to ask to join the Aurora’s dreamflight as I fell asleep the minute I lied down.

      christine preston
      March 4, 2013 @ 4:49 pm

      Was it on this website that it was said the Aurora was inviting a dreamflight on Sundays as well as Saturdays? This is what I meant by ‘there was one on Sunday 3rd’ as previously they were only on Saturdays – weren’t they? Thanks. Christine

  10. Christine Preston March 3, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

    Like Yoganidra I also feel I have been working on the connection. As I was waking up one day I was aware I was going down layers and trying to remember some concepts of conversation and by the time I had reached the lowest one, all I could remember was the word ‘download’ and in the last seconds of my sleep I said ‘oh, I got that!’. Another time it was the word ‘blue’ and another I knew Archangel Michael had been speaking to me but I could not remember what He said. To ensure we are taken up to a Starship, one way is to make a prayer before falling asleep, to one’s I AM Presence and Christ/Higher Self, as for decades lightworkers/chelas of the Ascended Masters have been doing this to ask to be taken up to the Etheric Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood while they sleep. For details about these Retreats there is a book published by the Summit Lighthouse or Summit University Press (

  11. Laura March 3, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

    Thanks so so much to eveybody for outstanding helpful contributions !! you are making this site a love place all of you !
    I am sorry for not participating more now.. as usal..contiuous assessment and exams are not designed for this kind of work.. i am not always in the best place .. . if you know what i mean.. it could be stress related¬ 🙂
    Hugs and love. ps: i recall waking up regenerated and love both Friday and Sat. night. looking forward to tonight again¬ although i will be up till 3 am or so doing more projects for uni… 🙂


  12. Dolly Lolly March 4, 2013 at 11:20 am #

    I wonder remember each trip and almost every day, I remember very few things, just to confirm my climb, but nothing else

  13. Dolly Lolly March 4, 2013 at 11:20 am #

    efore my trip feel like shaking the whole body 🙂

  14. Adam March 5, 2013 at 8:51 pm #

    Dear Crew,
    Last night I had a strange dream. It was about our future. The human beings of the Earth were shown to me as souls inhabiting their “avatar bodies”. There was going an Event to happen when those who were able to ascend in their bodies would be separated from those who couldn’t do it. I was given a concept of this Event. There was a cosmic energy coming to Earth to “make the great final”. Each and everyone on the surface on the planet had been exposed to that energy in great amount. During these days the was a kind of calmness all over the planet. The bodies of the people who were able to absorb this energy started to rise their vibrations to higher levels. There was a “middle” group of those who could absorb it only to some extent. There were finally those who were not able to absorb much or anything and among them there were some (unfortunately, many – 10-20 %) who in collision with this cosmic energy started to mutate. Their bodies were becoming to look a little bit like strange creatures or wild animals. And for all those people who were not able to transform their bodies in full, there was prepared a kind of ARTIFICIAL HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY – A KIND OF POCKET SEPARATED FROM TIME-SPACE CONTINUUM where all of them could continue to live, not even aware that something important had already happened on Earth! I was given an info that this artificial reality COULD EXIST NO MORE THAN 30 YEARS ! and that this pseudo earth reality probably could go to it’s end by a kind cosmic accident – f.ex. destruction caused by meteorite. It shocked me, but I have already heard sth. like this somewhere before …. such opinion… and to my surprise now, this seemed to me much more probable ! So, all these people at one moment were put there… not realize what really happened to them. I was also surprised that amongst them there were also people who absorb some amount of energy (but not enough) who decided to BE WITH THE REST TO ASIST THEM IN THEIR LAST WAY TILL THEIR DEATH ! It was their great gesture of sacrifice to the rest of the population. According to the ascended ones – they were allowed to reach a level of vibration to dwell The New 5D Earth. There were also a group “between” who didn’t manage do it and who were allowed to choose another positive reality (4D?).
    As to me, I was a kind of observer, who was given info and explanations from Someone who seemed to be “in charge” of these changes. He also had his “avatar body” but of much higher energy level and that is why He didn’t have to ascend along with human beings. I was given a vision like after finalizing the Event , because His body was no more required , He could leave it and go back to His Higher Reality. He looked like SaLuSa but it was rather not himself. I was all the time standing near Him and besides observing these events I was also participating in the whole transformation. My body didn’t reach the maximum level of energy but had absorbed much enough to stay outside of the “holographic time pocket”. Before the same end of this process my Guide (HIM) said to me : “ now, look at the sign of final transformation”. And then I saw a bird in the air flying toward us. She then stopped over us and then she spread a golden/silver light toward us – especially me. Then I experienced a kind of “filling up” with energy and felt that my transformation had just finalized. Meantime the entrance to the “holographic pocket” become closing until finally completely closed – before my very eyes. I could hear sth like great, loud happiness all over us and there was said “IT HAS FINALLY DONE !!!”. It seemed to me some association with a biblical prophecies from the Book of Apocalypse !!! And then I was “moved” to another reality where there was AN UNUSUAL SILENCE AND BEAUTY ALL OVER ME. And I saw green trees and grass and BEAUTIFUL CLEAR BLUE SKY ! And there was sth more that I can only depict as A KIND OF ONESS – ONE CONSCIOUSNESS JOINING EVERYTHING AROUND – ALL BEINGS, NATURE AND PLANET HERSELF ! I think it was 5D Earth surface after transformation……
    Love and Light

    • Christine Preston March 6, 2013 at 12:29 pm #

      Adam this must be the ultimate dream! in the Book of Revelation style indeed! In October last year I had a dream with a similar atmosphere of the end of your ‘dream’ with bliss, happiness, light, celebration, and every body knowing we ‘had made it!’. All the details are amazing especially about the artificial holographic reality. Let’s hope it’s just a possible timeline and we can even prevent the mutation from happening as a twenty percentage is high! Thanks for sharing this experience.

    • roew March 6, 2013 at 7:17 pm #

      Adam oh my gosh , what a dream dear one . Thank you for sharing it with your crew . All I know that there is still a lot of the masses still in slumber , even some star seeds/light workers . We have to pray that they wake up ! I think there will be a planet earth A which is 5D and a planet A/B , perhaps 4D and planet earth B which the is catastrophic and I would not wish anyone to be in that timeline , now I could be wrong , but 20% is a lot as I see it which is really sad . I can’t even get my family to believe in Ascension . I hope that you are okay after that dream dearest brother …many blessing ….roew

      • Adam March 6, 2013 at 8:30 pm #

        Hi Christine and Roew ! I hope it was only a dream, unusual one but only a dream. I think we are really aproaching “a line of no return”, great changes and the time is really short, but irrespective of what will happen everybody reach one’s soul divine aim… to say. So, do not worry, do not be sad, stay in Love in Your Hearts and let Heaven leads us to meet our own destiny.

  15. Laura March 6, 2013 at 9:24 am #

    Hi guys,
    so glad to see our comments and interactions and our experienes¬ wonderful stuff all, as usual 🙂

    Lat night i had a very deep dream or something. It is difficutl to describe, i met rhis person and we had a strange relationship.. i cant go too deep into the whole thing. was very intense and interesting as it wa mainly based on feelings and sensing that person’s feelings. that is about all i can share on this… just a strange, intense feelings realm experience with an impression of closeness and some kind of “rehabilitation” and “healing” going on as well.. hugs and love ❤

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