Please Share you Dreamflight Experiences Below if you wish

24 Feb

Hi guys,

feel free to share with us any aspect you wish to share with us in the comments section.
As for me, I had many dreams, and it gravitated a lot around my uni collegues and relationships with past loved men.

Have a super week!

11 Responses to “Please Share you Dreamflight Experiences Below if you wish”

  1. Pauli February 24, 2013 at 3:01 pm #

    Wonderful, truly wonderful that the dream I managed to grasp onto the tail end of, as I awoke, was about a hugely loved, once-upon-a-time girlfriend, (we had parted in not the best of ways) and that the feelings I had were of well-being and forgiveness and a sense of an eternally fabulous relationship to which to look forward !!!!
    Thank you, more than words can convey, Dearest Dreamflight Guides !!!! 🙂

  2. Laura February 24, 2013 at 3:21 pm #

    thanks so much for sharing dear Pauli !! I am so glad reading this !! 🙂 xo

  3. roew February 24, 2013 at 5:01 pm #

    Well I don’t remember any dream last night , but I had my dream flight eariler this week . I dreamt of someone who broke my heart and he has crossed over a while back . I dreamt that we were having a picnic near a small stream . I could see the blanket on the grass and the water running by . This the second time I dreamt of this sweet man . So hopefully he and I have repaired my heart , for I did/do love this man. I don’t why I received my dream during the week , other than being telepathic ! Love you all ….roew

    • Laura February 24, 2013 at 5:25 pm #

      thanks for sharing dear roew! I also had this strong dreaflight on Thursday night, involving my twin flame and a man who my twin made our relationship end… over and over… again…
      I loved reading about your picnic <£ thanks love 🙂

  4. Adam February 26, 2013 at 6:04 pm #

    My Satuday’s experiance:
    First I got in touch with someone – a women – making short conversation. Then I was asked whether I want to join Aurora Saturday mission. Of course, I said, and was asked to say password when would be ready. After a short preparation – relaxation – I said the password and immediately felt a short pull and move. Then my Guide started to give me explanations ad instructions : “Now you are onboard Aurora, in front you can see a corridor. You know this corridor for you have already been here many times”. I then saw myself as in a movie going thru the corridor. My Guide continued : “You now keep walking and see in a distance someone going towards you. You greet him”. I was doing everything my Guide was saying to me, looking on “me” from above. I saw then someone dressed in uniform but to my surprise he was not a human, but I was not threatened at all. I said sth like “hello !” and “how are you”, and then after a respond said “bye!”. I couldn’t see details – especially his face – only shape. Then my Guide said: “As you can see, you are known on this ship well !” and continued : “You are going forward to the same end. This is one of the longest corridors on Aurora as you know. At the end you will have to decide where to go next ! There are two rooms – on the right the smaller and on the left greater. You have already been there many times but this time there is a surprise”. I asked my Guide to give me some concept what I could see there. Then I saw in my imagination the room on the right, full of people (about twenty) – the Crew Members and someone else !? This room was a little dimmed as usual for I know it – I already had been here a few times. There were always taking place our (the Crew) meetings, meantime in “the left” room there was brighter light and only a few people were present there. My Guide told me then that there are some of my family members. “You have to choose now where you want to go?”. I decided first to go left to meet “unexpected”. When I came in, there were five or six people both sexes. I was feeling I could know some of them. They seemed to be my relatives (galactic ones!). There was a kind of table inside – between us. There were greetings and then I was told we would work on sth. There were some maps or sth. like this on the table and we started. Then was “a jump” and we were making conversation on clearing some “rests” in my mind that lasted after different experiences with my relatives from my (our) past lives. Then was another “jump” and I was with face to face with a woman. We were alone in a small room. It was also about “that clearing”. We laid down on the big bed on our backs, dressed in our uniforms and were resting there. This meeting was not about sex or romance at all ! Only like a couple of friend resting together. I asked my Guide if I could stay here for hours now and was given an answer : “You think still in 3D category, you stay here about three hours but meantime in 3D there would pass only a few seconds”. And then added – “Our meetings usually take place in 4D and now after passing 21th Dec. you are much more able to reach this density in “astral plane” then before ! You now have to rest, feeling you are not alone and this is necessary for the cleaning process”. After that – a few seconds – I saw myself back in the greater room saying good bye my relatives and moving back to the corridor. And because there was not the end of this mission I decided to visit the room “on the right”. When I came there, I saw in a dimmed room several people dressed in uniforms like me. Some of them seemed to me very familiar, so I supposed the Ground Crew Members were there ! But to my surprise there were also some other Beings in Aurora uniforms as well but ofmuch higher than us ! I saw first someone making conversation with a group asking him about sth. He had some kind of a hat on his head. So, It seemed a bit strange to me. There were some other ”guests” in the room. Then one of them cought my attention. I could here him speaking just like my Guide did – very loud and clear – in mind. Then my Guide joined and said to me : “You shouldn’t be astonished, there are REPRESENTATIVES OF MANY CIVILISATIONS ONBOARD AURORA, NOT ONLY ANDROMEDANS ! YOU KNOW THIS !” Then I was given a concept about the man standing before me. I got to know that his name is Bren-Ta(u)n (sounds familiar!) and is from Andromeda, from a double sun system. I wonder whether he could be this famous Capitain Bren-Ton !? but was immediately given explanation – “It is not him, only very similar name ! Only one letter difference but complete another person !” . He was answering many questions and giving some spiritual explanations to us. Unfortunately I do not remember much from this but the one thing has stuck in my memory. At one moment, someone asked him about his occupation onboard Aurora Ship. He then answered that he belongs to “a Technical Crew” and his work is similar to “administration occupation” and at that moment he turned in my direction saying “Just like Adam’s occupation, for he works in public administration”. I was a little bit shocked ! I didn’t know he knows me so well, but on the other hand I shouldn’t be surprised for we are very well known to the permanent Crew on Aurora, well and in details !
    Then I started to leave Aurora to my physical body. I was very happy to have such unusual experience again ! I then thanked my Guide and said “good bye”.
    Before going asleep I decided to remember as much as possible from my dreams. And while waking up next morning I realized I did it ! But now, while writing this text I have just forgotten !? I promise to share when be ready !
    Just one thing I reminded – Bren-Tan told me to share this experience with others, and that it will move some of your readers much more then I think !
    So I hope You didn’t feel bore reading my post and had at least a bit of fun from this !?


    • kirkeke February 26, 2013 at 11:39 pm #

      Hello Adam! 😀
      This brightened up my day!!!!! 😀 Not kidding:D
      I second what rowe is saying, you are blessed ! 😀 (A quick hello to roew as well:))) ❤ )
      Good to read the actions going on there!! Feeling immense love today towards all our little online lightworker community! ❤ ❤ ❤
      ´Thank you again Adam, always a pleasure reading your stuff, keep em coming! 😀

      LOve and Light! ❤

    • Suzanne Carvell March 4, 2013 at 8:20 am #

      Adam Thank you you are indeed blessed with great recall. I could picture the whole thing unfolding 🙂 blessings and love dear brother of light.

  5. roew February 26, 2013 at 8:28 pm #

    Adam as usual you have a very detail description of your dreamflight . You are so blessed to be able to remember the dream and Aurora as your second home . It is a very interesting dream sounds so real . One day I hope you see your crew dear one so you can tell us what we look like . Boy I wish I could remember being on Aurora . I have been on aurora in the water pool when I met my twin who turn out to be my husband . Thank you dear one for sharing and letting us know Aurora through your dream . Still can’t wait until you and I work together as you said we would . Love you brother …roew

  6. Adam February 28, 2013 at 6:04 pm #

    Thank you Dear Kirkeke and Roew for your replies. I am sure the other Crew Members also had wonderful experiences but not always we can remember details. I sometimes can do it because in my case this is so cold remote viewing, not full dream. It is a half dreaming state between a dream and a deep meditation, I think.
    So, thanks again and I am waiting for the coming weekend to read – I hope – about some interesting experiences of the Crew and all Guests as well.

  7. Miranda March 1, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful dreamflight with us, dear Adam! It sounds familiar indeed and really helped me in my faith, cause very often I do not remember anything from the dreamflights. You made my soul smiling!

    Love and Light to you and the Crew,

    • Adam March 1, 2013 at 6:33 pm #

      Love & Light Dear Miranda.

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