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How Did you Get on Last Dreamflight? Posts for 13 to 31st Jan.

13 Jan

19114_410386502376562_1615435240_nHi guys, if you wish to share your experience of the dreamflight of last night, please do so below. I will ask you to post your dreamfilght that you wish to share under this post, here till the end of the month. I will be away next weekend to my spiritual group for 4 days. I am also back to uni tomorrow, doing online work and having a 400 pages german book to read for next week. Then, after that, it is back to the commute and the long nights of study and assignements. As a consequence, I think that there will be one post for dreamshares per month from now on, and see how busy the thread is.

I had a few in unusually powerful dreams Friday night and last night.


I woke up in the middle of the night, was weird.. all the wrongs i have been doing towards loved ones have been shown to me then and during the night.. Even people from distance.. .. it was as if they could also see and feel my feelings.. was interesting and embarrassing.. really ..
It was as if all my friends could see through me, my thoughts, my lives, emotions etc.. as if all was exposed. and i could hear their thoughts and feelings towards me and my actions.. no judgement, just their knowing of all i had/ have been trying to hide was enough to make me wanna go back to sleep and forget.. ! lol
have a super Aurora flight ❤

Saturday night:

It was a very hard nightmare like dream: I was at home, with my family, when a huge spaceship decloacked, and landed on our farm. The feeling, which i kept dreaming over and over again, was seeing the claw-like spaceship land right on top of me, and grabbing me and my energy. As it landed, my joy turned into fear, seeing humans descend from it. Continue reading

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