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How I Feel in the Middle of it All – Multidimensional Ocean -11 Jan 13 « Multidimensional Ocean

11 Jan

270256_10151179701327477_1553314083_nHi folks!

I wanted to give you a brief update on my own inner progress and to address a few questions from readers and their concerns. From conversations with a few people, I see two things going on here:
1- People feel doubts of ever ascending and feeling down in themselves.
2- People wishing to wrap up in a bubble ignoring what goes on around them and the influence of the darker forces coexisting with us in our planet.
I no longer do channeling as such, I am told that this is period we have to accommodate and absorb to the new energies, and find our own feet as it were, without help, to stand alone as it were.
The Beings I am in contact with, such as SaLuSa wish to interfere less and less with our awakening process. This is why Mike only now does 1 message from SaLuSa per week. I have only volunteered to channel till 21 dec 2012 with them, so while I remain open if “they” wish to give me a message once per month or if something urgent needs to be said, I don’t do questions and answers no more, nor regular messages. This was pre-agreed upon, and corresponds to both Galactics directives and my own inner guidance and needs.
I would tell people that I have been going through my own period of doubts, and i am only recovering now, as it were. Continue reading

Dagger’s Suggestion for the Coming Sat (12 Jan) Dreamflight

11 Jan

Aurora Borealis, the colored lights seen in th...

Hi folks!

Daggie had a stroke of genius if someone likes to ask me… I do know that the above crew would love this to take place. Here is what is suggested from Dagger:

“it’s really up to us to stay together and decide what our next adventure will be. I’m sure our friends will play along. why don’t we decide on a mini mission next Saturday (not tomorrow) I mean .. its nature and scope .. a real easy one that our higher selves will allow us to remember it and Aurora & Co will again host it.

let’s put us to the test .. and see what happens.”

I am 100% go for this! So if people would like to suggest a mission for the coming Sat. night, please write the mission you will embark on in the comments section below. In other words, you can write yr dream/ ideal suggestion 🙂 !! Continue reading

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