More Chats and Where to from Now On?

26 Dec

Hi guys,

a few of you want to get chatting some more than we do here.

I am going to have to let you guys take all responsibilities on this matter if you would like to go ahead and set up a group or a forum somewhere else. I am afraid, I would not have the time or energy to take on board such a project myself, and I will not get the chance to participate in that project even as a guest.

I would not have time to set this up, nor to moderate it, nor to advise on any approach, nor to answer questions or to chat any more than what I do already.

So if a few of you are interested in setting up such a group, please make any suggestions in the comments for you to get organized and getting going.  However it will be entirely independent of me or of this blog.

In fact, my channeling was only supposed to go as far as 21st Dec 2012. I am not sure if the Dreamflights will go ahead in 2013, or if I will channel anymore at all in the future.

All decisions and considerations.

I may continue channeling SaLuSa once a month or whenever something important needs to be passed on.

As far as the dreamflights goes, I am not sure if the Galactics wish to continue with this project at all?

Please feel free to express your opinion below in comments for feedback for me and for Adrial and Aurora.

Hugs and love, Laura

One Response to “More Chats and Where to from Now On?”

  1. Dolly Lolly December 27, 2012 at 1:40 pm #

    Dear Laura, I think we should go together, I feel that the communication of our friends of light is extremely important for this year, maybe this is just a break.

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