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Daniel Firedawnl’s Dreamflight Share – Working on Sattellite 23 Dec 2012

23 Dec

Well, we put on our suits- me and 3 others. The suits were very heavily armored, and with a transparent upside down bucket for a helmet. We teleported outside the ship. It was magnificent to be where we were, around a satellite, not an earth one, but a satellite of similar technological advancement as the ones orbiting earth. The satellite was orbiting a very blue planet, although there were many shades of blue, and an atmosphere that I could see move slowly beneath me. I seemed to just stare at it for a time.

The satellite was drifting off course and slowly into the planet’s atmosphere. That’s what the suits were for. They protected us in case anything happened on the satellite, or if we entered the atmosphere by some misfortune. Continue reading

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