Laura – Sharing a message from my Twin Flame – 18 Dec 2012

18 Dec

I am having the same conversations with my Twin flame’s Higher Self while asleep as while awake with his 3d self, here on Earth. Nice confirmation of the whole Aurora dreamflights being genuine! 🙂
He said this morning, just before I woke up, that I must remember, ALWAYS, that his 3d aspect, that i will call Mr. X, is composed of 2 beings. One is Nadir (the

higher self ) and the other is Mr. X (the human aspect). He also explained that this is why there is the inner conflict going on inside of us both all the time.
The human part of us, wishes to get on with its routine, and all 3D stuff, it needs to look after mondaine 3d things: like work, children, friends, maintenance, cleaning and cooking, organizing, nothing is wrong with any of these.
The part of me that is frustrated at human matters and conflicts is the Higher Self.
So his message was really that I must learn to differentiate between his and my Higher Self, and his and my human self. He also said that the reason why our human selves cannot get is because of the conflict of interests between our 2 parts.
He said that this what I would have to work on in the near future. 🙂

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