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How to Help Remember Past Lives – Multidimensional Ocean

10 Dec

Dream-world-wallpaper-pixhomeHi ladies and gents!

It came up today that it might help some of us if I discuss how I can remember some of my past lives? Then I would also like to share another one or two topics which came up for me today.

I will try to briefly describe what is taking place for me. The trick for all these methods, I think, is to be present when images, sounds, smells, voices resurface from our subconscious mind. This can come easily to you, or it can be a life long self discovery journey. Usually spiritual work on oneself DOES help a lot.

It is important to understand that past life memories are just like any other memories… once a thread appears, try to be present to what comes up within, what triggers you. Trying a few times may be necessary also. It is also possible to retrieve more information by focusing on the dream. Just like for normal memories we need to focus to remember something that we can’t recall for some reason. Focus and letting go does help.

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