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Mission Briefing Aurora – Mars Pyramids – 8th -15th December 2012 by Multidimensional Ocean

8 Dec

 Hi guys

Laura dream share for 8h December

We are back!!

I made the return trip on Aurora last night as far as Mars!

I actually had amazing experiences last night. I went back to my home planets (again!! Lol). I was briefed on some of my life on my home planet, then we were onboard, travelling for a short period of time (as usual).

We jumped to Mars, where I was shown some of my life on that amazing planet.

I was shown many many pyramids on Mars. They are taller and have a sharper angle that the ones on Earth.

During my being shown part of my past lives on Mars, I was shown the pyramids there over and over again, lots and lots of them, spread throughout the entire planet. I was shown many of my lives there, on different locations, working with the pyramid technology. Most of them were covered in vegetation partly. Green plants were covering them in an ascending spiral form, leaving large areas uncovered, with the gold shining.

These pyramids were covered in gold like material, some were shinning and gathering solar energy I believe. Other pyramids had a different role.

I was also told that life as we know it now on Earth is illusion, reality has nothing in common with what our governments would have us think and believe.

I was told that in the very near time ahead, we will all know the truth, the reality of extraterrestrial life; we will recall our past lives, including our own lives on other planets with other civilisations.

I was also reminded of a book I have read some 15 years ago, which is called: “Life is real only then when I am” and was told that this is the time that is ahead of us now. I was told that I/we will have full knowledge of what this title means, and what reality is. We will experience our being present in the Now moment, and we will know all that is to know.

Mission Brieffing

During the coming week, we will all take a journey back in time and study our own lives history and experiences on other planets mainly and on ancient civilisations.

There is a strong need to connect with this part of ourselves which was dormant for such a very long time. We need to know who we are, and why we are here at this stage.

The awakening process for the crew and guests will be emphasised from now on, so that we can truly awaken to the purpose of incarnations into the material world. Continue reading

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